In the 30 years I’ve been handling Golf Digest’s rankings of America’s 100 Greatest and Best New courses, I always considered them our swimsuit issues, mainly because of the fantastic photographs Stephen Szurlej consistently produced.  Stephen, who could make the blandest course seem intriguing, makes the greatest courses look downright sensual.  He has the eye of a player, an architect and, best of all, an artist.

 Ron Whitten, Senior Editor, Architecture, Golf digest



Stephen could be the BEST golf course photographer that has ever lived.   For over 25 years, every time I see a photo that has WOWED me, his credit has been below.

 Tom Fazio II



I’ve known Stephen for more than 30 years and he’s been a lot of fun to work with.  He’s an amazing talent, is so well prepared and always exceeds expectations.  Stephen has photographed several of my designs and I love the results.

 Nick Price



Stephen is truly the best golf course photographer on the planet.  No one comes up with the creative and unique photo opportunities, angles, lighting and background that he does.   Stephen is truly an artist.

 Michael Pascucci, Sebonack Golf Club